Monday, December 17, 2012

Star Dance Shoot

It's been a month since I updated my blog with my personal activities. (I was busy joining online giveaways. LOL). 

Star Dance, currently on its second season, is a dance competition organized by Krewzada. We did a shoot for its promotional materials last Saturday.

We started preparing for the studio set-up/materials last Wednesday. The walls are made of used boxes then wrapped with old newspapers using gawgaw. We then painted them in black and red which were finished by Saturday morning.

Since the studio was not set-up yet, we started shooting the interview with the contenders and gave them a challenge related to the shoot. We challenged each contender to create their 16-count dance steps to be used for their Video ID and will be judged by Mr. Joey "Lil Ryu" Umpacan, Mr. Christopher "Daeto" Villa and Mr. Ivan "Kenjhons" Carpio.

During lunch, we started setting-up the studio by hanging them on the ceiling. We also hanged black cloths between the walls. After we have finished setting up the studio, Myril, our make-up artist, arrived from work. (She came just in time. LOL). She really did a great make-over for Joey and Jessica (see this post).

We started the shoot with the contenders. Most of them are shy in front of the camera. But when it was Joey and Jessica's turn, they really gave their best. Although, Jessica still has to learn how to smile good for the camera. The rest of the Krewzada members had their shoo as well. Even Myril and I had it. LOL. It was really fun.

I turned one of our photos into a parody of Spy Kids

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