Monday, December 26, 2011

Favorite sweater

I bought this from Zara's exclusive sale last November.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A post from a friend

Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm finally home

I have successfully returned to blogger. I remember when blogging became popular in the world wide web, I immediately made an account in 2004. I made one not for myself, but for my class section, "II-Amethyst". I could hardly remember why I wasn't able to push-through with that blog. I can't even remember the blog's URL.

On November 2005, I made a blog dedicated to Korean soundtracks available for download followed by a blog dedicated to my Alma Mater's Choir and Band.

On December 2005, I created a blog for our group, "Oluam", but I became bored with blogger's templates/design so I searched for another free blog site. That's when I found on November 2006 (New Oluam Site). I enjoyed some of it's features like multiple pages and easier modification of designs so I exported my posts from Blogger to WordPress.

I also used Friendster's blog application when I was in High School. I can't remember what year exactly it was.

Update 2013-01-24:  I already have my personal blog on my multiply site which I opened in 2005. You can find few entries posted there. I also have a blog opened at alivenotdead. I'll transfer my posts from other blogsites to this blog.

I started to create my personal blog in April 2007 using I.PH ( I became busy and I wasn't able to post articles on my blog. I wanted to continue with my blog but there are some features that are not available in I.PH. With the influence of some blogs that I follow, I decided to go back to Blogger.

Now, I feel that I'm finally home.

Here are some of the blogs I moderated: