Monday, February 25, 2013

The Champions

In one month, these champions will pass their titles to the second batch of Star Dance contenders. They will leave their legacy being recognized by our fellow PLMun students.

This duo was first seen as freshmen competing on the first season of Star Dance held in 2008. Then after three years, they became the leaders of the newly formed group, Krewzada (after Beatmix, the original organizer of the contest, was dissolved), Joey as the Vice President, and Jessica as the President.
Joey Umpacan and Jessica Ornopia

Joey was hailed as the Season 1 Grand Champion. His specialty in dancing is krumping . He is now a 4th year student. He took up BS Psychology in PLMun.

Jessica was the 1st runner-up in the competition. She took up BSE Major in English and now she's on her 4th year in PLMun. She has a brother, Jayson, who is also a member of Krewzada.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Royal Legacy | Love Letter 2013 "Asam" Music Video

(in order of appearance)

- Rosalyn Valdez as Angela
- Jan Arvien Durano as Adrian
- Christopher John Villa as Louie

Happy Valentine's Day! The video was finally released! Hope you enjoy!


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Production - Royal Legacy
Director/Cameraman/Photographer/Editorial - Karl Casanova
Assistant Director/Photographer/Asst. MUA - Marlene Rayco
Make-up Artist - Myril Mae Magdael

Special Thanks:

Andrea Joy Martinez
Wenz Caparas (for the necklace)
Nat's and Tat's Sari-Sari Store
Ina ng Awa Parish
Muntinlupa National High School


Jessica Ornopia
John Christian Gonzales
Anne Marielle Mendoza
Wenz Caparas
Jaymar Cania
Marc Jeremy Gabrillo
Mary Rose Pradeño
Mary Joy Nicolas


Music Credit:

Love Letter The Album
XAX Music

Performed by Faith Cuneta
Words by: Rannie M. Ilag
Music courtesy of Telesuccess Productions
Arranged by: Kelsey Zamika

Performed by Go-Divas
Music courtesy of Telesuccess Productions




Karl Casanova

Myril Mae Magdael

Note: This post was originally posted by the author on Royal Legacy's blog.

Monday, February 4, 2013

LOVE LETTER Project Shoot: Soon...

How many of you still give love letters? It feels good if you also receive one, right?

This Valentine's day, we'll present to you "Love Letter", a story written by Oh Soo Yeon, which tells us about Adrian's dilemma between priesthood and his love for Angela. This project is created to celebrate the success of the story that touched the viewers hearts 10 years ago.

Royal Legacy's version stars Jan Arvien Durano as Adrian, Rosalyn Valdez as Angela and Christopher John Villa as Louie. Their own interpretation will bring back the happy and sad memories the viewers have shared. This project became possible with our hardworking artists: Karl Casanova as the Director, Marlene Rayco as the Photographer and Myril Mae Magdael as the Make-up Artist.

The official Video and Photos will be released on February 14, 2013.

Here's a video teaser released two weeks ago:

We have also released these photo teasers through our Facebook Page:

Note: This post was originally posted by the author on Royal Legacy's blog.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Saturday Dinner

Rice Pilaf, Buttered Beans and Pork Medallion in Pepper Sauce: Cooked, Plated and Photographed by Kate Casanova
My sister, Kate, prepared a dinner for us. It was really good! The photo might be exaggerated for an ordinary dinner. She's actually practicing her cooking and plating skills for her exam this week. I gave my sister a rating of 8/10.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Krewzada, My Younger Siblings

When I returned to PLMun to volunteer for Cultural Affairs Section, one of the new groups I met during their team building last May 2012 was Krewzada. My first project with them is to improve their logo. Then it followed with their shirt & varsity bag designs which were both conceptualized by Mr. Allen Tarca (their choreographer). As we continue to work together, I also requested if I can join his training wherein he agreed. Their training was really tough that I even stopped from doing so (too bad for me!). The members continued to work harder even some of the members start to vanish one by one. I was observing how each member behave on their training and every meeting. Hope and perseverance were never absent on their faces and they kept it stronger through praying to our God. 'I am really glad I met these people', I said to myself. I get to know myself better through them. I learned to be humble at all times. They were one of the humblest people I met.

Krewzada Logo which consists of the 4 Elements of Hip-Hop

Boom box carried by a surf board in a big wave. Conceptualized by Allen.

When they were planning for their upcoming concert, I was again asked to work with them. This time, as a photographer. The night before the shoot, we were challenged by the lack of preparedness for the set so we decided to do it overnight. I felt the willingness of every member to finish what they were asked to do. The night was never dull. We can still laugh and joke around even we have limited time. And on the day of the shoot, even we didn't start on time due to the last minute activity, I was filled with joy. I couldn't believe we are having that kind of shoot. I feel the success even we haven't finished it yet. Again, I was glad working with them.

Galactic concept by Allen

Different personalities, concept by Allen.

Krewzada Members. Can you find me?

The day of the concert came. We were all excited and nervous at the same time. The group didn't just perform, but they also helped in setting-up the venue and ushering our guests. Until their last performance, entitled 'Krewzada Soaring High', my heart burst with joy as we successfully conclude the concert we have worked on together. This time, I said to myself, 'Thank you Lord! I'm proud to meet my new friends'.

After the last performance

I then became their new older brother. They consider my opinion on the tough decisions the group shall make. They even declared I'm already part of Krewzada even before the concert.

Now, we still face challenges and we work together to achieve our goals. I'm proud to say that we are growing together towards excellence!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Starbucks Giveaway

Did you enjoy the game that Starbucks Philippines has launched December last year? Well, I did! It's actually an easy game where you only need to match 3 balls (and up) of the same color, until you've completed 10 balls of each color. I joined the competition so I can get a ballpen since my friend will give me a Starbucks Planner. My efforts paid off! Here's the result:

Update 2013.01.23:

I went to Starbucks Head Office last Monday to get the prize. I was happy that I also get to see my former officemates, since the offices are on the same building.