Monday, February 25, 2013

The Champions

In one month, these champions will pass their titles to the second batch of Star Dance contenders. They will leave their legacy being recognized by our fellow PLMun students.

This duo was first seen as freshmen competing on the first season of Star Dance held in 2008. Then after three years, they became the leaders of the newly formed group, Krewzada (after Beatmix, the original organizer of the contest, was dissolved), Joey as the Vice President, and Jessica as the President.
Joey Umpacan and Jessica Ornopia

Joey was hailed as the Season 1 Grand Champion. His specialty in dancing is krumping . He is now a 4th year student. He took up BS Psychology in PLMun.

Jessica was the 1st runner-up in the competition. She took up BSE Major in English and now she's on her 4th year in PLMun. She has a brother, Jayson, who is also a member of Krewzada.

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