Sunday, March 25, 2012

After my Saturday overtime...

5:00 pm has passed. We need to leave the office. When I stepped out the building, the road is wet. It may have rained hard while we where busy in the office. "I don't wanna go home yet", that's on my mind. I want to walk around Glorietta or Greenbelt. I passed by ZARA, with their Spring Collection, still in their very expensive prices. I'll just wait for the sale, haha. I walked by the window of the food section of M&S, I feel being pulled by the desire to eat some Soft Caramel. Then I thought that I already ate a pack the other day and it would be a waste of money. Out of boredom, I just decided to watch a movie. I went to the cinemas and with all the movies on their list, I'll just pick between 'The Hunger Games" or "The Witness". I couldn't find the Filipino suspense so I just bought a ticket of the morally accused film with the earliest showing time, 6:00 pm.

The films started. The camera was very shaky. It kinda gave me dizziness. But when it went through the picking of the names of who will be the tributes of District 12, the audience's excitement grew. There are wows and ohs! There's even a feeling of being starstruck by Jennifer Lawrence. I enjoyed the film as a whole.

6:00 pm at Cinema 6, Glorietta 4

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Woodspice: My New Scent

Woodspice for Men Gift Set from M&S
I used to dislike its smell, but I guess, it will be my new scent since Timothy Everest has been phased out.