Sunday, December 30, 2012

K-Pop Shoot

K-Pop is already part of my life. I've been listening to SM Entertainment artists since 2008. So, when a friend of mine, Charmaine Paat, informed me about the K-Pop Dream Fantasy Concert (I'm not really updated with their activities. I just listen or DL their MVs.), where Girl's Generation will perform (I want to see them their beautiful legs with my own eyes), I browsed SM MOA's FB page to check the details. There, I found their "Ultimate Uhljjang Photo Contest" where if I won, I'll get a chance to see them on-stage. At first, I hesitated to join because it's a voting contest. Who would vote for me? Lol! But then, I told Myril about it and we decided to pursue with the contest. She will take care of my K-Pop make-up and be the photographer for my shoot. We scheduled the shoot on the December 22, after judging on a pageant.

Not so related to my post, some pictures of me on the pageant.

During the Mr. & Ms. YESS (Young English Students' Society).

L-R:  President of YESS, a 4th year candidate, and Clare

Our concept for the K-Pop shoot is to imitate Tasty (a new duo) because they have a mature look that will fit to my age. Lol! I chose to wear all-black clothes to give a dark aura to my shoot.

I wore a knitted long-sleeves (thrifted), waxed jeans (Penshoppe), leather boots (Mendrez) and dark gray scarf (thrifted).

Trying hard to look like Sean O'Pry. LOL

Imitating Tasty

My signature pose. LOL

With Myril, the Make-up Artist & Photographer

The team that helped me with the shoot. Thanks a lot!

When I got home, I reviewed my shoot on our pc and realized that we got a poor lighting from the shoot. I used the Punchdrunk Panda shoot instead as my entry. (See next post)

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