Sunday, December 30, 2012

QC Adventure & Bloggers-Readers Meet-up

When I saw Mikyle's post on my Google reader that we can get a chance to meet him and Dani, I tweeted them immediately since I only have few hours left before the given deadline. When I got home at around 10 pm, I got the announcement of the winners and it included me. I was really surprised I was able to win it.

The meeting place, Moonleaf (Maginhawa St., Teachers' Village, QC), is far and not so familiar so I have to search it through Google Map. After I saw the map location, I only need to find out how to get there. Thanks to Myril and to Commuter's Guide topic in Pinoy Exchange, which gave a full detail on how to get there.

Our call time is 10 AM so I need to leave early from our house. Going there became easy for me since I was able to go around the main roads of QC when we participated in the 1st World Youth Forum (which I haven't blogged 4 years ago) through UNYAP held in different places there way back in 2009. The tricycle driver brought me to a small Moonleaf branch. I got there as early as 9 AM since the traffic went smoothly. The store was still closed so I stayed at Mini Stop just in the corner of Magiting and Maginhawa Streets. I checked my things on my bag and found out that I left the batteries of my camera being charged in my sisters' room. :( So I had to buy a pair of AA batteries in the store.

Moonleaf Magiting branch, where I went the first time.

When it was already 10 AM, I checked Moonleaf if there were people already. I was annoyed to see it has not opened yet. I looked around the place and found an internet shop where I rented a use of their computer for 15 mins. After that, I decided to buy a cup of coffee and asked ate what time does Moonleaf opens. From her, I learned that there are two branches of Moonleaf there. One in Magiting Street (where the tricycle brought me)  and another one in Maginhawa. Luckily it was just a few steps from there to the right meeting place. I found two girls seating inside Moonleaf whom I believed to be waiting for the blogger love team too. I sat at a table next to them. After a few minutes another girl came with her aunt, whom later I learned to be Diana.

After waiting for quite a while, a beautiful young lady came. We were all starstrucked by her. Yes, she is Dani Baretto of 'Style is Eternal'. She said 'hi' to us then told us she'll just call Mikyle (Style Division), who came a few minutes after. They apologized for being late and of course we accepted it warmly.

These young bloggers are really awesome. We talked about blogging, fashion and even personal things while waiting for the free drinks sponsored by Moonleaf. I am even amazed how the other readers know much about the love team. :) Before we left and find some place to eat, we had some photo opps with them. Luckily, another two girls came just in time and we decided to take our lunch there. We had McDonald's and the blogger love team had their fried chicken from Mini Stop. I was so lucky to be the only guy among the readers and get a shirt from Rex Clothing. We then left the place for Trinoma to watch Sisterakas. Thanks Moonleaf for the free planners which we had autographed by Dani & Kyle.

with Dani Baretto and Mikyle Quizon

Winter Melon Tea

with Dani Baretto

the blogger love team signing our planners

free planner and shirt!

When we get to Trinoma Cinema ticket booth (2:40 PM), the available schedule for Siterakas was around 5-6 PM. That's when we decided to watch 'Sosy Problems'. Too sad Dani has to leave for another commitment. We had a photo opp outside Cinema 2 before she left and before we enter. The movie was really funny. I was happy to see my friends on the big screen too (you can see some photos on my past entry)! After the movie, we had another photo opp with Mikyle.

on our way to Trinoma
after watching 'Sosy Problems'

The day was great! We, readers, were able to meet the authors of the blogs that we're fond of reading. Till next time!

Update 2013.01.23:

with Diana

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