Saturday, October 20, 2012

Groove to Prove!!!

What I have experienced yesterday was something I would really not forget.

Last Thursday afternoon, Allen asked his Krewzada members who can help him in their event called "Groove to Prove" workshop organized by Flipendemic Kru. With no schedule on my planner, I volunteered. Just to give a short background, Flipendemic Kru will represent our country in an international dance competition at Sydney, Australia this November. They organized this event, a fundraising project, to support their travel and accommodation expenses.

Thursday night, I have prepared the registration forms and the poster ad for their baller band (a fundraising project too) with Allen's approval.

Allen, Domenick (Krewzada member) and I met at Jollibee Poblacion yesterday at 9 AM. We had the registration forms and poster printed first before heading to Almanza where Marielle (Another Krewzada member) is waiting. We rode a tricycle that brought us to "Allstars Dance School - South". It is located at a red three-story building with 'Finds Convenient Store' in its first floor. When the owner of the studio came, Mr. Vince (also, the commercial model of Cornetto Black& White), we were led to the second floor where the studio is exactly located. I was amazed by the graffiti murals inside and outside the studio. As Flipendemic Kru prepared the registration area, Krewzada has arranged the booth for the baller band too.

Registrants came and the workshop started with Mr. Hideki's 'LA Style' (Lyrical Action Style). In between his workshop, Allen asked me to shoot videos to be used for baller band promotions. We also had photo opps with Mr. Vince before he left the studio.

Right after Mr. Deki, it was followed by Mr. Rye's 'B-Boy' workshop. I haven't watched most of his workshop because I had my late lunch at a canteen along CRM Ave. where I ate Munggo, Langgonisa and rice. Soon after I came back to the studio, Allen was called to go inside the studio for his turn (with Domenick and I following him for documentation).

Allen started his 'Contemporary Hip-Hop' workshop with a prayer. He also used an exercise where the workshop attendees can elevate their sense of emotion. He proceeded with his dance piece entitled 'Hari ng Tondo' by Gloc 9. Before the workshop ended, Streetbuck came and was able to witness and even admire the whole dance performed by Allen.

After a short break, Mr. Jhayz started his 'Hip-Hop' workshop. The song used is very familiar to everyone, 'Hot In Here' by Nelly. You'll really feel there's a party inside the studio. Everyone had fun.

The workshop ended with the special performances from 318 Filmeister., LEGO (Let God), Ryuji Zafra, Streetbuck and Flipendemic.

The fun didn't end just by leaving the studio. We had our simple dinner, story-telling and even live drama-actings at Mr. Deki's residence. Everyone really had a great night!

Yesterday, I met different personalities and culture. Something that some people may find deviating. But if you look deeper, you'll find passion. Passion that is ignited to create something bigger and more meaningful that soon we'll see in the future.

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