Thursday, August 30, 2012

LOL: Binyag

Pari: Ano ang pangalan ng bata?
Tatay: Surf po!
Pari: Hindi pwede 'yan, pangalan 'yan ng sabon!
Tatay: Eh, bakit yung asawa ko, Perla. Tapos ako, Ariel.
Pari: O sya sige na. Surf kung Surf. Ano ang gusto ninyong ipangbendisyon ko? Downy o Zonrox?

English Translation:

Priest: What's the name of your child?
Father: Her name is Surf!
Priest: That can't be! That's a name of a soap!
Father:  But my wife's name is Perla. And mine's Ariel.
Priest:: Okay then. What do you want me to use for benediction? Downy or Zonrox?


source: Ms. Shiela Mayo's forwarded text message

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